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Is Bluehost Worth the Money? 

Before you get a Bluehost subscription, it’s important to understand if it’s worth it or not? Without a doubt, Bluehost is always my most recommended hosting provider especially if you’re using WordPress. Here’s why I love Bluehost and I am sure you’ll do –

  • Affordable Pricing Structure –

Firstly, let’s talk about Bluehost’s pricing structure. Interestingly, they do not offer a monthly price plan. The options are either a 12 month, a 24 month, or a 36-month plan. Now, some people may take this as a bad thing. But tell me, will you prefer to take the hosting for 1-2 years and relax or will you keep renewing your hosting every month?  So, go for the yearly plan. And on the plus side, their minimum term is 12 months which is actually one of the main reasons why they can keep their prices so low. You can go for a longer period (3-4 years) with Bluehost as it is one of the most trusted and leading hosting providers in the market. Here’s a complete list of the best web hosting providers in the market.

  • Highly Compatible with WordPress (Best CMS for Websites) –

All the Bluehost plans are highly compatible with WordPress. So if you are using WordPress, buy Bluehost web hosting right away. Even if you are updating your website, Bluehost will allow you to make a copy of your website, do changes on the copied version by putting it on to a website staging environment before you transfer the final changes to the live version.

Another perk of using the Bluehost package for your WordPress site is that you get 24×7 access to WordPress support via tickets, live chat, and phone call. Here’s a detailed comparison of the 2 best web hosting providers in the market – Bluehost vs Hostinger with live tests and accurate results.

  • Free Website Migration Service for Members –

Within 30 days of activating your Bluehost subscription, they give you an option of a free Migration Service so that you can move your website from your existing hosting company over to your Bluehost account. Most companies charge a hefty amount for this but Bluehost does not. Bluehost will not only migrate your website for you but will be available for your service to make sure that everything’s working before it goes live.

  • User-Friendly Interface for Beginners-

This one is definitely worth mentioning for anybody who’s not too tech-savvy. The whole layout of Bluehost is extremely easy to understand, which makes it very beginner-friendly. Everything is laid out in such a way that even if you’re completely new to web hosting, it’s not going to seem too complicated.

When you’re logged in, there are minimal different sections, menus, and everything is clearly labeled & fairly self-explanatory. So, if you’re new to the website world, and you don’t want to get overwhelmed or caught up with any complications, then Bluehost is definitely the option for you.

All in all, Bluehost is my number one recommendation for you when it comes to web hosting, especially if you’re using WordPress. Not only it is simple and very beginner-friendly, but it also has a lot of useful features.  
If you’re already with another hosting company, and it seems like a lot of hassle for you to switch with Bluehost then think again because their Migration Service makes your task simple and convenient. You just need to set up the account and experts will do the rest.

What Do People Say About Bluehost?

I was hosting with Siteground before but the charges were very high. After that, I saw a deal at Marketing Savior which was pretty good. I would definitely recommend Bluehost, their service is pretty awesome and support is excellent. Thank you Shubham & Marketing Savior for a great deal.
John Doe
Web Designer
I was very confused between different hosting providers but Bluehost caught my eye. They were offering everything I need for my website and also helped me while setting up my website as I am not from a technical background.
Joe Warren
Ecommerce Store Owner & Blogger
I purchased shared hosting with Bluehost 2 years back and trust me they are a great hosting provider. I have faced a minor issue in contacting them but at last, all problems were resolved and now I am a happy customer of Bluehost.
Alex Parry
Blogger & Entrepreneur
No issues faced by me yet with Bluehost. I was looking for a hosting provider & Marketing Savior provided me a great offer that I couldn't refuse. I definitely recommend Bluehost as I am hosting 5 websites with Bluehost without any problem.
Meera Singh
Agency Owner
There are cheap web hosting options as well and I have tried them. Sadly, they were not up to the mark but Bluehost is neither expensive nor cheap. That's why I always recommend Bluehost. Great performance and support.
Liam Jane
Ecommerce Store Owner

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