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A2 Hosting Turbo Boost & Turbo Max Review | Are They Really 20X Fast?

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Our Verdict: 4.8/5

SPEED:284 ms (August 2020 to June 2021)
UPTIME:99.98% (August 2020 to June 2021)
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APPS:WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Opencart, Magento
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Turbo Plans:$6.99 (66% OFF) | Activate Now

Confused about whether a2 Turbo hosting is good for you or not? Are the Turbo plans really fast?

Well if your answer is yes then in this article, we will be taking a deep dive into a2 hosting turbo and turbo boost plans and I’ll tell you whether these hosting plans are really 10X faster or not.

At A2 Hosting, they have a tagline that says “our speed your success” but what does this mean?

Even if you choose the cheapest a2 hosting plan it shows that this hosting provider understands how important site load speed is to website owners.

In the present scenario, it is important that your website loads in less than two seconds or preferably even under one second so that you can rank well in the search engines and your site gives visitors the best browsing experience possible.

Site speed is a vital component of any good hosting plan that’s why a2 hosting seems to go the extra mile to achieve this but how does a2 hosting provide you with the highest speed in the cheapest plan as well?

Are the Cheapest Plan of A2 Hosting Fast?

A2 Hosting Plans

Yes, no doubt in that. In each hosting plan, your site will be hosted on the swift server platform of A2 optimized servers.

The platform comes with special tools like SSDs (solid-state drives) and a free CDN (content delivery network)

You can also choose the location of your data centers so your site will be hosted geographically closer to your targeted customers for improving the user experience.

But then there’s the a2 hosting turbo boost option which is the topic of this article.

Why You Should Choose Turbo Boost or Turbo Max?

A2 Hosting Turbo Plans

When you choose to make use of the a2 turbo servers then you can achieve up to 20 times faster load speeds for your website pages compared to the slower load speeds of most other website hosting services.

You can select the turbo boost and turbo max options under the a2 shared hosting plans.

The monthly payments for these plans are a bit more expensive but that’s where the extra speed and added features come in.

Let’s look at the finer details of these turbo plans of A2 Hosting –

The turbo servers are powered by:

All the things discussed above will result in 3X faster read and write speeds and a CPU performance that is 30% faster.

With that, you also get a WordPress lightspeed cache that communicates with your turbo server to statically cache all your dynamic WordPress pages resulting in greatly reducing the page load time of your website.

If all these technology-related things confuse you then don’t worry just remember you get 20 times faster website loading speed and that’s lightning-fast.

How to buy A2 Hosting Turbo Boost or Turbo Max Plan? {Step By Step With Discount}

  • Firstly choose the plan you would like to buy – turbo boost or turbo max.

Choose A2 Hosting Turbo Plan

  • The next step is to choose a domain name for yourself or click on have an existing domain

A2 Hosting Domain Name

  • The pricing of a2 hosting is really flexible. They offer you 12 months, 24 months or 36 months payment plan. The longer time you choose the maximum discount you can get.
  • I’ll suggest you buy the longest tenure plan that is a 36-months term plan which can be acquired at the maximum possible discount.

A2 Hosting Server Location

  • Now time to choose your data location center. The provider gives you an option to choose from four different locations that become really great as you can choose the data center nearest to your targeted audience.
  • The next step is to uncheck all the irrelevant boxes and click on checkout.

A2 Hosting Discount Code

  • Finally, fill in your personal details and add payment options. That’s it!

Pricing of Turbo Boost Plan:

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan

The pricing for a2 hosting turbo boost plan starts at $6.99 a month for the 36-months term option. 

Usually, this plan starts from $20.99 but with our exclusive discount link, you can acquire the a2 turbo plan at 66% OFF.  Don’t miss this deal!

Features that you’ll get in A2 Turbo Boost Plan:

Pricing of Turbo Max Plan:

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Plan

A2 turbo max plan is the fastest plan you can get. No other hosting provider can beat the speed of this beast and awesome plan.

The pricing of turbo max starts from $25.99 but with our exclusive a2 hosting discount link, you can acquire this plan at 50% OFF i.e. at an unbeatable price of $12.99.

Features that you’ll get in A2 Turbo Max Plan: 

How Well do A2 Hosting Turbo Plans Perform?

Just to have a benchmark of the turbo plan’s performance I went ahead and used these plans and then used GT metrics to test out the loading speed.

Here are the results 1.8 seconds – Damn! that’s some serious speed. This is the fastest loading time I’ve seen out of any web hosting provider.

Note that the website isn’t empty, it is fully functional with heavy images on it.

I have to rate a2 hosting performance 10 out of 10 and this really shows that a2 hosting is highly focused on performance since their plans got better in 2020 than they were before.

Now you got to know the reason behind the high price point because you’re getting enterprise-level tech.

If we would look at the stability that a2 hosting offers I’ve measured that using Pingdom. For the past six months, my website was online 99.96% of the time.

If you’re looking for good performance and you don’t really care about anything else you can safely go ahead and buy a2 hosting right now.

Why A2 Hosting Turbo Plans are the Fastest?

It is because a2 hosting has adopted the advanced and latest storage technology that thrashes previous HDD and SSD storage.

The technology used by a2 hosting is known as Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVME). NVME storage will be providing you with:

These turbo plan servers can easily be priced around $4000 to $6000 each but thanks to a2 hosting we’re getting to use the top-quality enterprise products at such a lower price.

This technology is not used by many other popular hosting providers till now.

Turbo Boost Plan vs Turbo Max Plan

Now, which turbo plan you should choose?

I’ll suggest you go for the turbo boost plan as the price is heavily affordable when compared with the turbo max plan.

Also, you get an exclusive discount of 66% on the boost plan and 50% on the turbo max plan.

 The a2 turbo max plan will be best suitable for those who require more resources like core and physical memory.

If the pricing for these plans is high for you then you can also go with lower plans like a startup or drive plan. 

We have reviewed the performance of these plans in our detailed A2 hosting review. You might be shocked to see the results of these a2 hosting plans.

Are These Turbo Plans Worth the Money?

Are the a2 turbo boost options worth the extra money you pay for getting 20 times faster site load speeds?

In our opinion definitely yes and here’s the reason why – a study by the Aberdeen Group showed that:

Verdict: A2 Hosting Turbo Plans Review

If you’re an individual who is starting your own business and going to create your website then it will be best to start with their basic plan.

These turbo plans are best suitable for more advanced and techie users.

You can take full advantage of the turbo boost and turbo max plan if you’re clear in your mind what you want to do with your website.

Otherwise, the startup and drive plans have everything you need to start a website.

The lower plans don’t have turbo servers but they offer some amazing speed and performance as well.

Thinking of a long-term plan with a2 hosting? Keep in mind that these prices are introductory which means you’ll see a significant change in the pricing of your hosting at the time of renewal.

This is nothing new but I do have to share this information with you as it might be key information for someone.

Without any doubt, a2 hosting is the fastest hosting provider and you will never experience any slow loading speed with them.

So beware of falling victim to slow hosting companies. Want to know more about a2 hosting turbo boost then please click the link below.

Exclusive A2 Hosting Discount Code

Turbo Plans of A2 Hosting FAQ:

Is A2 Turbo Worth?

Yes, definitely. The plans are worth its pricing. You get some brilliant performance with their 20X faster servers. The technology used by A2 hosting turbo plans is the latest one and not used by many hosting providers.

What is the pricing of A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan?

The turbo boost plan starts from $6.99 which can be acquired at a discount of 66% by using our exclusive discount link.

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