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Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans – Single, Premium or Business Shared Hosting | Which One to Choose?

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Our Verdict: 4.5/5

SPEED:370 ms (April 2020 to March 2021)
UPTIME:99.98% (April 2020 to March 2021)
SUPPORT:24*7 Live Chat, Knowledge Base & Ticketing Option
APPS:WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP, PrestaShop
FEATURES:100 GB bandwidth and 10 GB storage, free SSL, free domain, website builder, 1 Email account, 30 Days money back guarantee, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
HOSTING PLANS:Shared, WordPress, VPS and Cloud
PRICING:Starting at $1.3 (90% OFF)
WordPress Hosting:$1.9 | Activate Coupon Code

When it comes to buying web hosting, Hostinger is one of the hosting providers that come to the mind of a user. Why so?

Because Hostinger offers some awesome features at an exceptional price. That’s why they are so much popular!

Hostinger offers different shared hosting plans and today I’ll take you to all of their different plans and give you a review of each plan with its pros and cons.

Honestly, you can buy a lot of coffee that’s way more expensive than the shared hosting plans of Hostinger.

The best thing about all shared hosting plans of Hostinger is that you get a very user-friendly dashboard that is super easy to use even for a noob.

Hostinger offers a simplified version of cPanel that is Hpanel. It is a more condensed version for people who don’t know quite much about the website’s backend.

But the question that arises is whether these Hostinger shared hosting plans are a good choice for your website or not? Let’s find out!

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Single Shared Hosting Plan:

Single Shared Hosting Hostinger

The single shared hosting of Hostinger is the plan that makes them stand out when compared with their competitors.

You’re not going to see many hosting providers offering a shared hosting plan at this price. Hostinger’s single plan comes with 1 CPU core and 256 MB of RAM.

You don’t only get hosting with this plan but also a free SSL worth $11.95 which is something you definitely need to take into consideration as well.

Now if you’re not much aware of the SSL thing then you might be thinking why is it so important?

An SSL is essentially the way your website verifies that it’s legitimate to the people who are browsing it and this is something each and every website needs.

The pricing for Hostinger single shared hosting plan starts from $9 but with our exclusive discount code, you can get this plan at a discount of 85%. Here is the special discount link.

Features of Single Shared Hosting:

What are the Pros of Hostinger Single Shared Hosting?

What are the Cons of Single Shared Hosting?

Is Hostinger Single Shared Hosting Plan Good?

Yes without thinking twice. If you’re looking for a super good performance at the lowest prices like you aren’t interested to invest a lot in a hosting provider and are not willing to spend a lot on hosting things.

This plan has all the features you need to start your website.

It might be slightly slower if other websites which are hosted on the same server are experiencing a high surge in traffic that is something you need to look at when you’re running your website with this plan.

Also, Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee for their customers so this makes it completely a no-brainer to try Hostinger for free.

If you’re not satisfied with Hostinger’s service after purchasing this plan even though I think you would but you can always ask for your refund and don’t have to worry about it.

You already have seen the pros and cons of this Hostinger plan. Now the ball is in your court!

If in this shared hosting plan Hostinger doesn’t satisfy your website needs, you need to check out their other plans as well.

Premium Shared Hosting Plan:

Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting

With this plan of Hostinger, you will see a drastic change in the features when compared with the single shared hosting plan. This plan comes with 1 CPU core and 500 MB of RAM.

Premium shared hosting of Hostinger becomes a great package for those who know the future of their website and where they want to head when it comes to online presence.

With a free SSL, you will be acquiring a free domain name too.

This is something worth mentioning because the cost of a domain is something you need to spend extra on. But not with Hostinger, you can acquire a domain name of your choice worth $9 which is some great stuff.

For your business needs, you also get free Google ads credit that you can use to advertise your business on Google and get some sales.

These all things are missing in the Single shared hosting plan that can really add value to your website.

Premium shared hosting of Hostinger starts from $10.29 but with our exclusive discount link, you can get this plan at 75% OFF. Here is the special offer link.

Features of Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting:

What are the Pros of Premium Shared Hosting Plan?

What are the Cons of Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting?

Is Premium Shared Hosting of Hostinger Good?

Yes, it is worth the price for those who know what they are going to do with their website because utilizing all the features is something you need to do.

It is not good for beginners who are trying or starting a website for the very first time. It is mostly suitable for the people who already know how things work.

The pricing of premium shared hosting is also notable as you’re getting some awesome free stuff that will add to your website and business.

Let’s move on to the last and most expensive shared hosting plan of Hostinger that is Business shared hosting.

Business Shared Hosting Plan:

Business Shared Hosting Hostinger

The business shared hosting of Hostinger is the most expensive plan in the shared hosting plans list. 

But when you’ll compare it with other competitors of Hostinger then you’ll get to know that the business shared hosting Hostinger offers is not that much expensive.

This plan will including everything from free SSL to a free domain name. The extra thing that you’ll be getting with business shared hosting is a free CDN. This CDN is worth $10.

It is a content delivery network used by Hostinger which reduces the website loading time. Hostinger’s CDN automatically minimizes the size of images and reduces malicious traffic which will result in less spam on the website.

You won’t get an extremely useful feature of daily website backup in any other shared hosting plan of Hostinger. But with Hostinger’s business shared hosting, you get a daily automatic website backup.

It is one of the most important things to do when you’re running a website because what if your website gets corrupted and all your data is gone. Here the backup of your website comes into play.

Easily restore your website with your backup and get back into action.

Hostinger’s business shared hosting plan starts from $15.99 but with this special link, you can get this plan at 75% OFF.

Features of Business Shared Hosting:

What are the Pros of Premium Shared Hosting of Hostinger?

What are the Cons of Hostinger Business Shared Hosting?

Is the Business Shared hosting Plan Good?

When you compare this Hostinger shared hosting plan with others, definitely it is worth it because of some free premium features you get.

As the name says, it is mostly suitable for those who want to run a business and for high-traffic websites.

Within the business plan, you get more extra resources like daily backups, more storage & traffic handle capability, and free CDN.

You won’t be asking anything extra after going for the business plan option.

How is Hostinger so cheap?

Hostinger boasts that it gets around 1500 new users every single day including mostly new users and their servers are expanding very quickly.

Read this article on How to activate the Hostinger Coupon code and get an amazing discount on Hostinger web hosting.

A question does arrive how do they provide these services so cheaply and this question is going around a lot on the internet regarding their cheap plans.

Now the answer to the question that how they are able to provide hosting at such as cheap price. Well, Hostinger essentially offers limited resources for each user. 

For example, if you go with a premium plan or business shared hosting plan then you’ll be getting features like unlimited data, unlimited websites, and unlimited bandwidth.

When you go with the lowest plan which is single shared hosting, Hostinger limits all those unlimited features to a limited amount so that your website doesn’t take too much data on their web servers.

They limit these features because they don’t want you to host a big and large website on their shared hosting server.

You can mostly host websites for blogging, small businesses, portfolio, or setting up an e-commerce store.

You’ll be restricted to 1 FTP account, 1 MySQL database, and 2 subdomains when you buy the single hosting plan.

Hostinger tries to provide and has been successful in providing stellar services to its customers. They are completely optimized if you’re going to use WordPress as your CMS and design your website.

Hostinger is also a reliable service provider with an uptime of 99.97% as per my research. The single shared hosting plan can easily be upgraded to higher plans if your website is getting high traffic.

Which Shared Hosting Plan of Hostinger to Buy?

You should consider the approximate how big your website is going to be like:

If you’re uploading GB’s and GB’s of videos then don’t even look at the lowest plan which is single shared hosting.

Otherwise, the lowest hosting plan is best for setting up a store or you can also have a look at the premium shared hosting plan to have a free domain name and save some money on that.

The business shared hosting of Hostinger will be best suitable if you would like to have some extra resources and premium features.

Verdict: Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans Review

There is no doubt that Hostinger is definitely worth the price you pay.

Now the real story, I actually use Hostinger plans to host some of my websites and projects. Because I’m a real user so I can definitely tell you the best things about Hostinger.

People who are looking for super cheap hosting with pretty good performance then you can’t really go wrong with the shared hosting plans of Hostinger. Who doesn’t want to save money?

The entire business model of Hostinger is based on offering the best performance possible at the lowest possible prices for users like you and me.

Check out our in-depth Hostinger review, they not only provide shared hosting plans but a bunch of different hosting options like Managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft servers.

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FAQ Related to Shared Hosting Plans of Hostinger:

Is Shared Hosting Good for Beginners?

Yes! Shared hosting is one of the cheapest options available to host your website and start your online journey. The pricing starts from $0.99 and goes up to $10 per month.

What is Premium Shared Hosting?

Premium shared hosting is one of the shared hosting plan of Hostinger. With this Hostinger plan, you get a free domain, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, 100GB storage, Weekly website backups and more.

Where are Hostinger Servers Located?

Hostinger servers are located in 7 different locations which are: UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and Lithuania.

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