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Pinterest Marketing Guide for Beginners

‘Is Pinterest Marketing really Worth?’

or ‘Can I Promote My Business using Pinterest?‘, the answer to it is definitely YES! Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which allow people to pin (save) what they find interesting. It is a visual artboard and probably the most popular search engine for visual content. Basically, Pinterest means ‘Pins that Interest You.’

Even though Pinterest is quite less popular as a social media platform but since people come on Pinterest to find inspiration, related content so it has the highest chance of getting people to click your post/pin and visit your website.

Now the question arises – How to get started with Pinterest Marketing? Here are 5 steps to get you going.

1. How to set up your Pinterest profile?

Set up your Pinterest profile as a business or convert your personal profile to a business profile. The Pinterest business profile has additional features – the most important is ‘Pinterest Insights’ that allows you to analyse which content has performed well and is more engaging. 

Basics of setting up a Pinterest Profile: Like any other social media channel, you’d require a Pinterest username. Create a username that represents your business. Set up a profile picture and custom banner. Add an engaging description that have your business-related keywords and make sure to add your other social profile links. 

2. What is the best Pinterest Image Size? 

Pinterest doesn’t limit the vertical size but horizontal size max out at 735px. Also, it has been seen that taller images tend to have more re-pins, so post vertical pictures to get the most out of it.

3. What is a Pinterest Board? 

The Pinterest board is a collection of related images or one category. When setting up a board, keep the business niche in mind and name of the Pinterest board must be short and simple. 

  • Select the board cover that is highly engaging or the one that describes the board in the best possible way or else make a custom board cover and upload it. 
  • You can create multiple boards. For example, Make a Video board that contains videos from YouTube or Vimeo. 
  • A Services/Product Board can be utilized to promote your services or products 
  • A Customer Board can be created to show-off your customers reviews.
  • You can also pin your blogs on a board. In my case, I will prefer creating a Pinterest board named as Best Online Marketing Tips. See, you’d need to add your business keyword so that it can be SEO friendly.

4. How to Pin on Pinterest? 

There are 3 ways through which you can pin your content on Pinterest: 

  • From Website or URL 

Click on Save From Site and enter the Url from where you want to Pin it. Then choose the image you want to pin, add a keyword rich description, choose a board and click save.

  • Upload Manually from Gallery

  • Upload an image directly from your gallery or computer, Add a description to it, Choose a board and click save.

  •  Pin other people’s content – Yes, that’s right. You can create a separate board where you can pin other people’s content as an inspiration and increase your authority in your audience.

5. What All Can You PIN on Pinterest?

You can pin anything that you like on Pinterest. From videos from YouTube or Vimeo, blogs, website, motivation, gifs and infographics. Images with text on it get high engagement. Make sure to use ‘Pinterest Insights’ to see what’s performing for you so that you can produce more content in a similar pattern.  

So, here was the Pinterest Marketing starter pack for beginners.

Are you leveraging Pinterest for your business? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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