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How to Get Started with Twitter | 7 Steps to Perfect Twitter Profile

To catch up with the latest trends on social media, get started with Twitter. From the latest stories, news, ideas, and opinions, Twitter has it all. Just follow the person or the tweet conversation and stay updated all the time.

So, the Question Comes, How do I Get Started with Twitter?

I’ve got you covered! Here are 7 basic but most important things to keep in mind while setting up your Twitter account.

1. How to Choose a Twitter Username?

Like other social media platforms, you will need a username for Twitter or say, Twitter handle which will act as your identity. It’s not a name that will appear on your Twitter profile, but it will be used to mention you using @ by your followers or when someone will search you.

Twitter username is extremely important as it will also make part of the Twitter URL. While choosing your Twitter username, make sure your username is either your business name or anything that relates to your business so that it’s easy to remember.

Twitter username can contain only 15 characters and can contain alphabets, underscore (_), and numbers.

2. How to Choose Twitter Profile Image and Banner Image?

Don’t just start tweeting with the default Twitter avatar. It’s boring and people won’t recognize you. Instead, make a custom Twitter profile image and banner to look more appealing. You can use your brand’s logo as a profile picture and the team’s image as a banner picture.

3. How to Write Engaging Twitter Bio/ Profile Description?

Your twitter’s description is the most important part of your profile. That’s all that you’ve got to make your first impression last. It has to be catchy and should tell about you or your brand in the most concise way possible. Write a sweet and simple description describing yourself very clearly so that your followers can know who you are and what services do you offer. Try to include your business keyword as well.

Note – The character limit for twitter’s profile description/Twitter bio is 160.

4. When Should I Tweet and How Often Should I Tweet?

Most people stay away from Twitter for the fact that they don’t have many ideas to share. Of course, you will need good content to share with your followers but that should not stop you from getting started with Twitter.

Keep in mind – Quality over Quantity always, that doesn’t mean you will tweet once in 7 days. Tweet at least once a day or a maximum of 4-5 times a day to engage with your followers. Don’t tweet every other minute or hour, it can be quite annoying and may lower your reach.

  • Make sure you don’t exceed the tweet limit which is 280 characters at present. Keep your tweet as long as 260 characters so that it’s easy to retweet. Also, don’t keep tweeting promotional stuff.
  • Retweet your top content several times so that it can come in front of the eyes of your followers.
  • Don’t use abusive language as it’s against Twitter etiquettes.

5. How to use Hashtags on Twitter?

#Hashtags are the best way to group multiple tweets of the same kind. Tweets with hashtags receive more engagement when compared to tweets with no hashtags.

Short hashtags work best and make it readable by using capital letters. Use hashtags to promote your event, measure ROI, shares, mentions. 

6. Make Wise Use of Twitter Lists

Twitter allows you to organize and view the tweets that you find worth reading from the people you follow while separating it from the twitter clutter. 

7. Engage with your Followers 

On Twitter, engagement is the key. If you keep posting dozens of tweets and leave the platform unattended, a month later you’ll realize that even after daily tweets, proper use of hashtag – you won’t see any results. WHY?

Because You have not engaged with your audience.

It’s simple. If You Want Twitter’s Attention, Give Your Attention to it and see the results booming.

Follow people in your industry. Whenever someone follows you, send them a message thanking them. Like the tweets, you love, leave your comments, participate in discussions. Retweet and make use of @ to mention anyone’s name.

These were some basic yet most important tips you must follow while getting started on Twitter. We all know them but only a few follow them.

What else do you do to keep your Twitter account active and engaging? Share your thoughts below! 

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