Hostinger Review | Cheap Web Hosting Provider

Hostinger Review | Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

Are you considering developing or creating your own website? If yes, then you might have looked at various web hosting services. Finding the best web hosting provider seems a major headache at first and it confuses the user by providing multiple hosting options like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), and dedicated servers.

If you’re looking for cheap web hosting, then Hostinger is the most preferred option available in the market. In fact, if you compare it with other competitors none of them will come closer to Hostinger when in terms of pricing.

There are many things that you should consider when choosing a web hosting provider such as fast loading speed, secured & protected data, uptime, and location. Now I know that you might be thinking that “Are Hostinger Web Hosting Plans Worth It?”

To save you from the stress of searching for a reliable web hosting company, In this blog, I’m going to take a deep dive into Hostinger which centers on all you need to know about this company, its features, plans, speed & performance, advantages, disadvantages, and at the end I’ll give you my conclusion on Hostinger.

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About Hostinger:

Hostinger Web Hosting Site

Hostinger was started in 2007 as, a free web hosting service with no expenses on paid advertising. Hostinger International gives you the freedom to express yourself online. As of 2021, the user base has grown to more than 30 million spread across 178 countries and 15000 new customers are added daily which shows that Hostinger has something. 

Hostinger Review: Plans & Pricing

Not all web hosting providers provide the same type of hosting that you may need. Hostinger offers you 4 unique web hosting plans which are as follows:

Shared Hosting –

Hostinger Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting Cheapest Plan

If you are a startup or a medium-sized business owner, Hostinger’s Linux-based shared hosting plan can provide exceptional value for your business. Like most web-hosting providers, Hostinger shared hosting places your website with other sites on a shared server.

Shared hosting pricing starts at $0.99 per month for a 4-year plan that can go up to a maximum of $3.99 per month. Everything you need to build a website from scratch comes with these plans. They provide you with enough resources and performance-enhancing tools for your website.

Install WordPress without any hassle just by doing one click and it has dozens of other content management systems. The plan that costs more comes with additional features like free SSL, domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and email accounts.

The $0.99 plan lacks daily automatic backups which means you will have to do these backups manually or purchase the service as a separate add-on.

Cloud Hosting –

Hostinger Cloud Hosting
Best Cloud Hosting Plan

If your audience continues to grow, then you have to switch to a better type of hosting and that is cloud hosting. Medium-scale businesses can greatly leverage cloud hosting services according to their business needs.

For e-commerce businesses, Hostinger comes with many security features for site visitors and sensitive data. I must say that this is an important plus that you should consider.

Hostinger offers 3 plans for cloud hosting and the lowest plan cloud startup starts for $9.99 per month which goes maximum to cloud global plan which is for $56.99 per month. Cloud professional plan comes for $18.99 per month. All these packages of cloud hosting come with a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address.

Cloud hosting is expensive because it uses different technologies and it won’t be sharing resources like shared hosting with other users on your server. You’ll have your own separate space – More Faster! More Reliable! More Secured!

WordPress Hosting –

One great value you’ll get with Hostinger is that it gives you access to one of the biggest content management platform that is WordPress. With WordPress, you get easy to use themes and plugins that even a not so techie person can easily navigate.

Hostinger gives you multiple plans for WordPress hosting with features such as WordPress acceleration and Woocommerce. Hostinger’s WordPress hosting packages come with 4 different options that start from $1.59 per month and go up to a maximum of $11.59 per month.

Free SSL and email accounts are included in all packages given by Hostinger. The lowest plan lacks unlimited bandwidth and daily backup.

VPS Hosting –

Hostinger VPS Hosting
Cheapest VPS Hosting Plan

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) is best for businesses with a heavy online presence. One should go for VPS hosting if performance is your first priority. This hosting gives you more server control and a less crowded environment to host your site. Hostinger provides VPS hosting plans with cheap packages and super-fast virtual servers all with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Choose from 6 VPS hosting packages and get the maximum discount by clicking on the link below. They’re set apart by CPU power, ram, storage, and bandwidth. A custom control panel and os templates are also included in them.

If you haven’t already noticed, Hostinger doesn’t offer dedicated hosting so if you have an extremely large online business, then you should go for Bluehost, or Hostgator, or A2 Hosting.

The VPS hosting offered by Hostinger is reliable, affordable, and super fast. The cheapest plan starts at $3.95 per month for 3 GB of memory and 60 GB of storage. The maximum plan will cost you $38.99 per month with a memory of 8 GB and storage of 160 GB.

Isn’t this flexible enough? I think it is pretty much flexible as you get enough storage at affordable prices in the market. If you don’t like the service, you can get your refund within 30 days. There is nothing to lose if you try out Hostinger.

What are the Features of Hostinger?

  • Security –

Security is important, especially for commercial websites. A hosting service needs to provide tools such as an SSL certificate to ensure that your website is safe and secure for all your visitors. Now, Hostinger offers a lifetime SSL certificate with all its packages for free.

If SSL is important to you and it should be, then you need to see if SSL is included in your plan. Hostinger also gives you the option to upgrade for better security, the Comodo Positive SSL certificate which is the most preferred option for eCommerce websites. This allows customers to input their personal information without any threat of data breach.

  • Uptime –

It is one of the most important features you should look at in a web hosting company. Uptime means that your website has high online availability with zero downtime. It should be available to your visitors 24*7 & 365 Days. Well, when we tested the uptime of Hostinger, it was almost perfect with 99.997%. How’s it? No doubt in saying that it is fantastic.

  • Speed & Performance –

Now you know that Hostinger offers great and affordable prices but do they perform their best at the price? The answer to this is a big yes!

Hostinger was hands down the fastest shared service hosting site that we tested. It has actually exceeded every other shared host that includes major web hosting providers like Siteground and FastComet.

The speed of Hostinger showed a very promising average load time of about 1.56 seconds with the best recorded time being 1 Second and the slowest being 1.9 Second. Don’t worry if you’re not located in the US, with our testing from places all across the world, we still saw significantly increased speed compared to other competitors such as Siteground.

You’re going to get great performance no matter where in the world you are. Hostinger does offer fast loading speeds by using different technologies such as Litespeed, SSD, and PHP7. Litespeed consistently ranks as one of the fastest and most reliable web servers. It beats technologies like the Apache technology that Godaddy uses.

  • H Panel –

Hostinger has developed its own proprietary control panel which is known as the H Panel. You won’t be getting to play with the beloved Cpanel that you already know and love.

But as far as H Panel is concerned, you’ll find it equipped with lots of goodies, has easy installations and DNS zone configurations to email accounts, a file manager, and my SQL database. H Panel’s auto-installer is great for installing WordPress and if you’re starting out there are going to be tons of features to make sure that your website is looking great.

H Panel Benefits over C Panel:-
  • H Panel icons are bigger than C Panel
  • Better Organized
  • The interface isn’t cluttered
  • Extra options & features
  • Integration with Hostinger’s other services
  • Purchasing Add-ons
  • Viewing billings
It’s all super easy and super seamless! Click here to start your awesome journey with Hostinger.
  • Customer Support –

If anyone gets stuck when setting up a website, there is a need for an effective support system. Hostinger provides a knowledge center full of an impressive number of articles. These articles are divided into different categories and cover almost every aspect of setting up a website. You can find detailed tutorials and how-to videos for any issue.

With 24*7 availability, you can contact the support team by email, support ticket, and live chat. Hostinger’s support team is multilingual which is notable. Phone support is missing with Hostinger’s support which could give a quick response.

I had no problem while interacting with the support team using the live chat option. The support agents provide friendly responses with direct links and guides to help you resolve your issues pretty fast.

Hostinger Review: PROs & CONs

Hostinger PROs –

  • Cheap Pricing – Hostinger’s $0.99 Per Month charges for shared hosting is pretty hard to beat.
  • Free Domain – Hostinger will give you a free domain name when you sign up if you are not having one.
  • Speed Increasing Benefits – Their shared account comes packed with lots of lots of benefits such as 1 click WordPress installation, using technology like PHP7 & Litespeed.
  • Zyro –  If you’re not up to speed with coding, then Hostinger also offers a drag and drop website builder which is known as Zyro. It is not available in the hosting plan so you need to buy it separately.
  • Faster Loading – Hostinger’s cache manager stores all the site’s static content onto fast cache servers. If you’re hosting with Hostinger always make sure to keep cache manager on.

Hostinger CONs –

  • No Dedicated Hosting Servers – Hostinger is not offering dedicated servers till now. There are no plans and packages for this server. You can either go for Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator or A2 Hosting.
  • No Daily Backups in Cheap Plan – Daily backup is only available to users who sign up for higher plans. But still, they provide you with automatic weekly backups.

Why Is Hostinger So Cheap?

Hostinger Cheap Web Hosting

You may be wondering how Hostinger can offer this service at such a low price. Well, although they have a great interface and user journey that is literally from sign-up to using and managing your hosting.

The reason Hostinger’s price is low because they want you to sign-up for long periods of time. They give you an option to choose from 4 payment periods and that would be for monthly, 1 year, 2 years and 4 years.

It is insane because no other hosting site allows you to do that. In order to get the best price, you have to sign-up for that 4-year package. That’s right! Hostinger wants to make sure that you are committed to them for obnoxiously longer periods.

Features of all plans are clearly mentioned and they ask you to signup via email and password. If you are going to use WordPress, then it is going to be super easy for you after installing the host. They actually give you the option to install it automatically as a part of the signup process.

Hostinger Review: Conclusion

Hostinger Ratings

As I mentioned, Hostinger is the cheapest option available if you’re looking for web hosting. Honestly, it’s insane that you’re paying literally a fifth of the price as compared to some of its competitors.

If you are in need of a well-rounded hosting service with great value, excellent uptime, and budget-friendly pricing then Hostinger is the real and not to be missed deal. It’s not perfect, there are a few cons that we mentioned but overall it is a great option for beginners and experts alike.

You’re not going to able to find a quality web hosting service like Hostinger at this price point in the market.

So that is a wrap of our comprehensive Hostinger review. Please take note that this blog is an honest assessment and review of Hostinger services. No one has paid us to do this review.

FAQ About Hostinger Review:

Does Hostinger have Cpanel?

No, Hostinger doesn't have Cpanel. Hostinger has created its own panel which is known as Hpanel.

Is Hostinger Good for Ecommerce?

Yes, Hostinger is one of the best and affordable hosting providers in the market. You can go for shared hosting if you're a beginner. Then gradually upgrade the plan as per your growth and needs.

Is Hostinger Good for WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the website industry. Hostinger provides various plans and offers for WordPress hosting. They have great uptime and customer service. You won't be disappointed.

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