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If you’ve landed on this page, I am pretty sure that you are looking for a Semrush free trial plan.

Using the free premium account of Semrush, you can find high-ranking keywords to target, do backlink auditing, uncover competitor’s strategies, and much more.

In case you don’t know, Semrush updated its premium features and this SEO tool is more powerful than ever. Read about – Recent Semrush Updates

If you aren’t familiar with the Semrush Online marketing Tool, I’ll quickly summarise it for you –

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that handles every aspect of your online marketing such as SEO, paid campaigns, social media, content, and market research.

There are many Semrush plans but you can get it for the cheapest at a minimum price of $119.95. Click on the link above and get the Semrush plan free without paying any single penny.

Semrush Free Plans:
Pro vs Guru – Brief Comparison

Semrush Pro Plan vs Guru Plan

Click Here To Know Full Features of Semrush Plans

How to Get Semrush Free Account and How to Activate Semrush Free Trial?

Get Semrush 14 days free trial in just 4 easy steps:
1. Signup/login to Semrush by clicking on the Semrush free trial link.

Use Semrush for free

2. Semrush will send you a code on your mail – Enter the code and click confirm email.

Confirm Semrush Email

3. Choose your Semrush trial plan. You will get an option to choose between the Semrush Guru plan trial or the Pro plan trial.

Semrush Free Trial

4. Enter your card details and click on place the order.

Try Semrush for Free

5. Here you go, now use unbeatable features of Semrush plans free with Semrush 7 Days free trial.

Why You Should Go For Semrush 14 Days Free Trial?

Semrush Free Plan vs Pro Plan

In the image above, you can clearly see the difference between the Semrush free plan with limited access and 14 days free trial of Semrush’s pro plan.

What you’ll get in the exclusive Semrush Guru Plan Free Trial and Pro Plan Free Trial?
  • A high number of keywords to track
  • 1,00,000 pages to crawl
  • Track up to 3 projects
  • 500 ideas to improve your SEO
  • Premium plagiarism checker of Semrush
  • Check out full features here

What is Semrush Pricing and Plans?

Currently, Semrush offers 3 different plans to their users. Each Semrush plan has something different to offer you. 

Semrush Pricing

You can choose the plan according to your business needs and utilize it to the fullest. Let’s go deep into their plans and find out what each plan has to offer.

The pro plan of Semrush offers everything freelancers, startups or in-house marketers would require to grow their online visibility.

The pricing of Semrush for the pro plan is $119.95 per month which you can avail of at $99.95 per month at a 16% discount if purchased annually.

I would definitely recommend you to try the pro plan free for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Don’t worry if the pro plan doesn’t satisfy your needs. Semrush has something more powerful to offer you.

The Semrush guru plan is best suitable and great for small-medium businesses and fastly growing marketing agencies. This plan also offers a free trial that can give you full access without any limitations.

Semrush pricing for the guru plan is $229.95 per month and you can get it for $191.62 per month at an exclusive discount of 16% if purchased annually.

The ultimate Semrush plan with all the powerful features included in it. Semrush business plan includes all the features provided to you in the pro and guru plan.

The business plan of Semrush is best suited for big agencies, eCommerce projects, and businesses with a large and extensive online presence.

Semrush pricing for the business plan is $449.95 per month and yes there is a special Semrush discount too! You can get the Semrush business plan for $374.95 per month at a discount of 16% if purchased on yearly basis.

Pro Tip: Try 7 days Semrush trial for the pro plan first so that you can get to know the in-depth powerful features of Semrush.
If you think that the guru plan of Semrush will satisfy your needs easily upgrade to that!
Semrush free plans and trials are for your benefit, utilize them to the fullest.

How Semrush Can Help You?

If used wisely, Semrush can deliver more than your expectations. Below are some of the benefits of Semrush that separate this tool from others and see how Semrush can help you immensely. 

  • Keyword Research Tool:

Keyword Magic Tool SEMrush SEO Tools

With the keyword research tool of Semrush, you can get valuable and golden keywords that you can target in your SEO and PPC campaigns to outrank your rivals.

You can have a look at data such as the monthly search volume of that keyword, CPC, keyword difficulty, and much more. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to do keyword research with Semrush.

If you are also interested in which keywords your competitors are ranking for and you aren’t then just enter the domain name of the website and Semrush will fetch all the keywords they are getting traffic from.

  • Make Quality Backlinks With Backlink Analytics Tool:

Backlink Analytics Semrush

Track any domain’s backlink and spot new backlink opportunities for yourself easily with the Backlink analytics tool of Semrush. 

Check on which anchor text you or your rivals are getting backlinks from and whether they are toxic or not. A toxic backlink is that which comes from a high spam website. Make sure you disavow them by submitting those links into the search console.

  • Social Media Toolkit:

Social Media Marketing Toolkit - Semrush

The social media toolkit of Semrush is one place to manage and track all your social profiles. With the help of social media posters, you can post your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

There is no need to visit each social media platform and post content individually. The social media poster tool will save you a lot of time.

Pro Tip: You can create a free Semrush premium account and gain the power to use these awesome tools by subscribing to Semrush’s free trial. Either go for Semrush Pro free trial or Semrush Guru free trial.

  • Local SEO Semrush:

Never miss any chance to do local SEO for your business and Semrush helps you with that too. You can easily track your local business rankings and see how well your business is ranking on Google business listing.

Easily manage your google my business and Facebook listings and monitor growth on each platform.

Looking to start your own online business then I highly recommend you choose Bluehost as your hosting provider. It is one of the hosting providers recommended by WordPress itself.

  • Site Audit:

Site Audit SEO Tool

Just enter a domain name by creating a project and Semrush will fetch out all website errors and warnings that you can update.

Also, have a look at metrics such as crawlability, site performance, internal linking, healthy and broken pages.

Why you should choose Semrush over any other SEO tools?

Semrush is an essential tool for any website or business owner who is looking to grow their traffic and rankings. Below are some reasons why you should choose Semrush:

  • Largest Keyword Database in the Industry

The keyword magic tool of Semrush has the largest keyword database (20 Billion Keywords) in the industry that can help you tap the right keywords in your niche so that you can increase traffic and conversions.

Not only with keyword research, but Semrush also gives you a list of websites that are ranking for that keyword.

  • Unbeatable Position Tracking Tool

The position tracking tool offered by Semrush can give you daily updates on your website rankings for mobile and desktop. You just have to keep an eye on this tool and try improving your SEO.

Most SEO tools charge when you want to track rankings for different keywords and websites. But that is not the case with Semrush. 

  • Dedicated Content Marketing Toolkit

If you find it difficult to generate content ideas then the content marketing toolkit is just for you. 

Just enter a topic you want to write on and the topic research tool within this toolkit will give you ideas on how to write winning content after analyzing your competitors.

Under the content marketing toolkit, you get a content audit tool that will help you find out how your content is performing on search engines.

  • One Place For All Your Marketing Needs

Don’t invest your hard-earned money in multiple tools like social media, content, PPC, and SEO. Semrush offers all these in one place and at a single affordable price.

Semrush is an expensive tool, but once you start utilizing it, there is no going back. With a free Semrush trial, you can easily explore its features in deep and only purchase the tool when you are satisfied.

Who Should Go For Semrush Guru Plan?

The guru plan of Semrush is best suitable for small to medium businesses that are growing at a fast pace.

I would definitely recommend you to go for the guru plan if you are going well with your organic rankings and have many projects in your hand. Below are some features of the guru plan of Semrush that will give you more clarity.

Features of Semrush Guru Plan:

Who Should Go For Semrush Pro Plan?

Semrush Pro plan is best suitable for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a not that hefty budget.

I would recommend going for the pro plan if you have just started out and want to analyze your competitors deeply. Below are some features of the Semrush pro plan that can give you an idea of this plan.

Features of Semrush Pro Plan:

Semrush Pro VS Guru VS Business – Detailed Comparison:

Let’s start comparing the plans and find out what you’ll get if you choose a higher Semrush pricing plan.

Bonus Tip: If you’re confused between the best SEO tools then our in-depth reviews:

Semrush vs Ahrefs | Semrush vs Similarweb

Domain & Keyword Analytics Comparison – Pro vs Guru vs Business

Results Per Report 10,000

Reports per day – 3,000

Keyword metrics updates per month 250

Historical data – Not Available

Product Listing Ads – Not Available

Results Per Report 30,000

Reports per day – 5,000

Keyword metrics updates per month 1,000

Historical data – Available

Product Listing Ads – Not Available

Results Per Report 50,000

Reports per day – 10,000

Keyword metrics updates per month 5,000

Historical data – Available

Product Listing Ads – Available

Projects Under Each Plan of Semrush

⇒ Projects – 5

⇒ Keywords to track (with daily updates) – 500

⇒ Mobile rankings – Available

⇒ Targets per project – 1

⇒ Share of Voice metric – Not Available

⇒ Pages to crawl per month – 1,00,000

⇒ Social profiles for monitoring – 100

⇒ Social profiles for posting – 30

⇒ SEO Ideas Units – 800

⇒ Projects – 15

⇒ Keywords to track (with daily updates) – 1,500

⇒ Mobile rankings – Available

⇒ Targets per project – 10

⇒ Share of Voice metric – Not Available

⇒ Pages to crawl per month – 3,00,000

⇒ Social profiles for monitoring – 50

⇒ Social profiles for posting – 10

⇒ SEO Ideas Units – 500

⇒ Projects – 40

⇒ Keywords to track (with daily updates) – 5000

⇒ Mobile rankings – Available

⇒ Targets per project – Unlimited

⇒ Share of Voice metric – Available

⇒ Pages to crawl per month – 10,00,000

⇒ Social profiles for monitoring – 300

⇒ Social profiles for posting – 50

⇒ SEO Ideas Units – 2000

Reporting to You

⇒ Scheduled PDF reports – 5

⇒ Google Data Studio Integration – Not Available 

⇒ PDF template sharing – Available

⇒ Scheduled PDF reports – 20

⇒ Google Data Studio Integration – Available 

⇒ PDF template sharing – Available

⇒ Scheduled PDF reports – 50

⇒ Google Data Studio Integration – Available 

⇒ PDF template sharing – Available

API Access and Other Tools

⇒ Traffic Analytics API Access – Upon Request

⇒ Other APIs Access – Not Available 

⇒ Import your rankings from third-party tools – Not Available

⇒ Traffic Analytics API Access – Upon Request

⇒ Other APIs Access – Not Available 

⇒ Import your rankings from third-party tools – Upon Request

⇒ Traffic Analytics API Access – Upon Request

⇒ Other APIs Access – Available 

⇒ Import your rankings from third-party tools – Available

Why You Should Buy Sermush Instead of a Free Account?

You can mark my words that you won’t be disappointed after purchasing Semrush. Why?

Because the free premium account of Semrush limits its features. You cannot maximize the power of this tool with its free account.

A free trial of Semrush gives you the advantage of using the tool-free for 7 days so that users can check whether it fits their needs or not.

Which Plan of Semrush We’re Using?

Currently, we’re using the Guru plan of Semrush. We have a subscription to Semrush on annual basis. 

Semrush Guru Plan - Marketing Savior

Firstly, we went with the Pro plan trial but we knew that the resources in this plan were not enough that will suit my need, and especially the premium content marketing toolkit of Semrush was missing.

So we upgraded to the Guru plan in which we got some exclusive Semrush tools that aren’t available in the pro plan.

How to Get a Free Trial of Semrush Without Credit Card?

If you are looking for a Semrush free premium account trial without card details then you are on the wrong page. There is no way you can use Semrush for free without providing them your details.

Anyone who is giving you hopes that a trial can be availed without card details is either giving you wrong information or trying to con you.

I would also request you that don’t find some cheap or free ways to utilize tools. It will give you a thrill for a very short period of time.

Always think about the long-term strategy and how you can achieve it.

How to Get a Free Trial of Semrush for 60 Days?

Semrush used to offer a free trial of 60 days. But in 2021, Semrush’s free trial for 60 days isn’t available.

When the company was started, they used to give a 60-day free trial to acquire more customers but there is no way that this offer is going to come back in 2021.

However, you can definitely go for Semrush free version account without paying any single penny by clicking on the link below.

Semrush Free Trial FAQ:

How to Cancel Semrush Free Trial?

If you are not satisfied with Semrush then you have to write an email to and they will cancel your free trial within 1 business day.

Is Semrush Free?

Yes, you can use Semrush plans free for 7 days with an exclusive free trial. Free trial of Semrush can be availed for Pro plan and Guru plan.

How Long is the Semrush Free Trial?

You can get free trial of Semrush for a maximum period of 30 days and minimum period of 7 days. On this page you are going to get some exciting free trial offers.

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